Visual Call Management Console

Imagine how much easier and efficient it would be if you knew real-time, who was on the phone, who was on hold, and how many cusomters were waiting in your call queues.

Well, now you can!

Encore Systems provides you this feature at no additional charge.


Everyone in your company can have access to the console on their computer screen. No more trying to locate other employees, leaving messages on voice mail, or guessing when they are available.

All of this can be managed by just dragging and dropping. You can dial others by just pointing and clicking with your mouse.

You can also manage calls that have been parked. When you see the appropriate extension available, simply drag and drop the parked call to that extension.


Here are a few other features that you can manage right on your screen.

  • Outlook contact integration
  • Instant chat with others in your company (anywhere in the¬†world)
  • Live operator panels
  • Conference bridging management
  • Voicemail

You can also see call details such as how long an extension has been on a call and, call queue information such as average hold time and missed calls.


No more guessing if employees are loafing!

Save money by effectively monitoring employee performance and, more importantly, know for certain if important incoming calls are being ignored.