SIP Trunk

For businesses that just can’t let go of their traditional phone system, we can still save you a lot of money!

What is SIP Trunk?

SIP is an open-standard which enables Encore Systems customers to seamlessly connect existing customer premise equipment (CPE) with our VoIP system. A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line that utilizes a Broadband connection for access, and offers up to 40% savings over traditional telephone lines.


What this means is that you no longer need expensive traditional phone lines.

Instead, your phone service would be connected to the Encore Systems network via your internet connection. There would be no need to purchase any new phones. Your system would operate the same but you still get to take advantage of business class VoIP.

Encore Systems offers SIP Trunking solutions that fit virtually any size business. From small businesses looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP, to mid-sized and large businesses looking for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans, we offer a solution that is ideally suited just for your business.


If you have multiple office locations, you will save even more money!

All incoming and outgoing calls are logged. Simply log on to your web portal from anywhere in the world.

  • Find out which employees are ignoring important incoming phone calls
  • Filter by date, extension, employee, duration, phone number, and more
  • Track number of calls per employee or extension
  • Find out how many important incoming calls are not being answered
  • Display call traffic and reports by chart for quick and easy review


We know that business continuity is important to your business!

With Enhanced SIP trunk , we can configure a SIP trunk to automatically switch over to another location, cell phones, or any number of other scenarios, without manual intervention. If your PBX hardware fails, or you lose power, your customers can still call and reach you.

If a natural disaster hits and one of your offices loses all communications, you will not miss any calls. Simply route them to another office, no matter where its located.