Home Phone Services

 Are you stuck in the past?

Do you pay the phone company for your phone service?

Encore Systems provides high-quality hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service. This revolutionary technology frees users from their local phone companies by utilizing the internet for phone service.

Many Fortune 500 companies have already switched to VoIP. Now it’s your turn to save money.

Save at least 50% from your current traditional phone service!

You can either use your existing phone by purchasing an adapter or purchase a new phone that is made to use specifically for VoIP. Your new phones will be delivered to you ready to use. Just plug it in to an internet connection and you are ready to go. It’s just that simple!

Keep your existing phone number

Do you own more than one home and spend time at both?

Do you have more than one phone number for each location?

If so, you can take your home phone with you and have others call you on the same home number free of charge. Read more below for details.

More than one seperate conversation can take place at the same time, even if you only have one phone number!

This is a great feature that you will really enjoy. Simply plug more than one phone into your internet connection and each phone can have different conversations. No more waiting for someone else in your family to get off the phone.

On the go?

No more missed calls with our “Follow Me” feature. Route incoming calls to as many as 5 different numbers. Ring them in the sequence you want or ring them all at the same time!

No more missed messages. Have all your home messages sent to your Smartphone email.


Benefits of using Encore Systems:

  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional phone systems
  • Lower monthly phone bills
  • Easy to use, extensive features, all without maintenance or labor fees
  • Save money on long distance and international calls
  • Call history tracking

Quality of Service

All VoIP service providers are not created equal. That’s why some advertise their service focused only on home use. They know their service will not pass the standards needed for business use. If their service is not good enough for businesses, it’s not good enough for home use.

Now you can have the same high-quality service as a Fortune 500 company!

We went to great lengths to set-up state-of-the art facilities and connections to ensure that you have crystal clear service. This takes much time and money which many companies simply can’t commit.

Quality of service (QOS) is something that is easy to talk about, but very difficult and complex to deliver.

While many companies talk about quality, Encore Systems has invested in the talent and technology to deliver on the promise.


No matter what price you pay for phone service, it’s no good if it is not reliable.

Our services are hosted on computer systems that are located in different areas of the U.S. In the unlikely event that a problem with equipment or connection occurs, service is instantly re-routed to another location, all without any interruption of your service.

Complete managed solution

We offer a totally managed solution.

We manage your service 24/7. All of your settings, including voicemail, call management and routing, and all of the other features we offer are stored on our system.

 One our sales experts will be glad to speak with you so they can understand your individual needs. Then, they will customize a service plan just for you!


In the old days, people worried when they had to re-locate.

Not with VoIP. Simply unplug you phone and move them to the new location. Each phone is programmed with a unique ID.

Now you can take it anywhere in the world, plug it into an internet connection, and it will always function the same!

Assume for example that your phone is programmed with a local phone number to your specific area. No matter where your phone is plugged into the internet, it will ring when the local number is dialed. And… it’s free!

Now you can send phones with your local area code to friends, family, or remote business locations anywhere in the world and communicate with them anytime at no cost.


For a list of all features CLICK HERE.