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Encore’s Hosted VoIP provides large institutions with an enterprise-class hosted phone system customized to fit their specific needs. Encore offers the convenience of an online IP-based telecommunications system and delivers substantial savings to the bottom line.

Small Business

Eliminate the cost and hassle of maintaining traditional PBX phone systems with Encore Systems enterprise-class VoIP. Save at least 50% from your current traditional phone service and enjoy a long list of calling features that are included for free.


Say goodbye to your traditional phone carrier and put the savings in your pocket! Take your phone anywhere you go in the world and use it for free. Easily block all unwanted callers.



Encore Systems, LLC provides services that enable our customers to improve communications and productivity, and remain competitive by delivering high quality, high value products and services.

We give you the most complete, most sophisticated, unified communications solution on the planet, powering the most comprehensive service ever created. We bring you the future of communications, at prices you won’t believe.

We provide businesses and home phone services that use the internet to place and receive phone calls. This type of connection is called Voice over IP, or VoIP. VoIP eliminates the need for using a local telephone company and provides a broad range of benefits and features that cannot be offered by regular phone service providers.

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